Road & Bridge Division

The Road and Bridge Division is responsible for over 1,180 miles of roads in the unincorporated areas of Pottawatomie County and approximately 1,360 bridge and drainage structures.
Pottawatomie County Public Works Shop

 Entrances to County Roads

Existing Entrances

Landowners requesting the replacement or widening of their entrance must complete the Existing Entrance Modification Application (PDF).

No application fee or deposit is required. Price quotes will be provided for additional footage if so desired.

New Entrances

An Entrance Application (PDF) is required for all new entrances onto county roads, including 2nd or multiple entrances.  An application fee and deposit will apply.  The landowner is responsible for obtaining and installing the entrance as specified by Pottawatomie County.

Please read the complete Pottawatomie County Entrance Policy, as adopted by Resolution 2017-39.  Entrance Policies and Procedures

Utilities Installation

Any public or private utility desiring to install said utility within county right-of-way must complete a utility agreement.

A Utility Services Installation Permit (PDF) must be on file with the Public Works Department before any work is started.

Utilities and/or their installation crews shall be responsible for any damages caused to county property.