Pottawatomie County Register of Deeds Fee Schedule
A portion of the following fee schedule is established by Kansas Statutes;and a portion by a resolution of the Pottawatomie County Commissioners.
$12.00 To record the first page of Deeds, Mortgages, and Other Instruments of Writing. (Not to exceed Legal Size 8 ½” X 14”)
$8.00 To record each additional page. (Not to exceed Legal Size 8 ½” X 14”)
$11.00 To record the 1st page of a  release or assignment of a real estate mortgage per book and page. (Not to exceed Legal Size 8 ½” X 14”)$4.00 to record each additional page of release or assignment
$8.00 To file liens for materials and services under K.S.A. 58-201, and amendments thereto.
$15.00 + $1/pg
after 10 pages
To file an original financing statement.
$15.00 + $1/pg
after 10 pages
To file an amended financing statement.
$800.00 Unlimited
$400.00 Limited
Annual Website Document Search Fee
$15.00 To search financing statement (per debtor name).
$1.00 Copy request fee per page of any filed financing statement or statement of assignment.
$4.00 To certify any instrument of record and for acknowledgement of signature + .50/page
$.50 Photocopies per page.
+ $.50/page
Fax per page (incoming or outgoing).
$10.00 Photocopies of plats and oversize documents.
Recording Large Plats.
+ copy
Recording Short 8.5x14 Plats. (1 copy @ $1 each)
+ copy
1st page of Certificate of Survey 8.5x14 (1 copy @ $1 each)
$8.00 Additional pages of Certificate of Survey 8.5x14
+ copy
Large Survey over 8.5x14 (1 copy @ $10 each)
$23.00 Filing Notices of Tax Liens under the Internal Revenue Laws of US.
$25.00 Hourly rate for researching (1 hr minimum).
$10.00 Pre-Programmed Reports.
$53.00 Filing State Tax Lien Release + $4 for each additional page.
.20% of the
principal debt
Mortgage Registration Fee.
If name of signer or signers to any instrument to be recorded are not plainly typed or printed under the signature, the Register of Deeds shall charge & collect a fee of $1.00 per signature in addition to all other fees.